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Comicon Challenge is a fan based challenge that focuses on that which influences and inspires the minds of millions - Comics. Each year, GA artisans have 8 weeks to create an all time favorite comic heroe or villain, with a twist. Be it a drastic change of age, an altered gender state, or a total alignment shift, Comicon Challenge offers artists the ability to create something truly original and new. From old man flash, to baby venom, to grandpa bats, to white haired Zelda, there are always some amazing entries that have been created in the past and future to come.

In Comicon, be creative, let loose, and have fun. We look forward to seeing your work in this current or upcoming Challenge!

2008 to 2016: View the History of Comicon Challenge
Comion Challenge 2015 | FUSION

Fusion (3d/2d) – It's simple. Merge the powers of any two super heroes/villains to create a single Fused Super Being. Can be a hero into a hero, or villain into another villain, or hero into a villain or villain into a hero. Feel free to alter the costume to suite the new being, or keep the old one and just show/demonstrate the merged powers. It's up to you.

Fusion (Animation) – Show one character steal/absorb the power(s) of another character, and then use those new powers to destroy the other character in 20 Seconds or less maximum.

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Comion Challenge 2014 | FINAL STAND

Final – Re-create a known hero or villain in his last moments, during one epic final battle. The hero should be beaten, torn, and only have enough power left to do one final strike!

Stand – Re-create a known hero or villain who is returning after being gone for a long period of time, or who is rising for the first time, all shiny and new (optional: new costume?), to face an epic battle. For better or for worse, this new or returning hero/villain is set to change the world!

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Comion Challenge 2011 | ALTERNATE UNIVERSE

3d/2d Characters – Either change the time period of your comic book hero or his/her gender. For instance you can make a 1842 Western styled Captain America (cowboy) OR a female Captain America OR you can do both - an 1842 western-styled (cowboy/girl) female Captain America. If you decide to mix and match, it's your choice!

Vehicles – Create a vehicle for a comic book character. This vehicle should be from a time period that is different from the vehicle's original period. Example - what would The Sandman, the murderous Venom or Catwoman of the distant future drive? Or what would a medieval Batman drive, or ride for that matter. It's all up to you! Changing the vehicles gender is optional (make a woman version Bat Mobile).

Animation – Create a super cool hero/villain attack sequence. Basically, create an attack sequence worthy of a super hero or villain!

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Comion Challenge 2010 | AGE OF LEGENDS

Herein, you, the creator, are given the unique power to alternate the age of your "action-based" super hero or super villain. If your favorite character is middle aged, then you can make a young or older version of him. If your character is already young, then you can make a middle aged or older version of her. The word "can" is used because as always, this twist is purely optional. You are free to create an unaltered version of your favorite character, or, you can join in on the fun, be creative, and make this remake topic your personal challenge!

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Comion Challenge 2009 | TIME CHANGE

Take your favorite “action-based” comic book super hero or super villain and create a fan-based representation of him, her, or it! Additionally, you may now re-create this character as if they were in a different time period. What would Captain America look like in the Revolutionary War? The Incredible Hulk in the year 3022? The Punisher in 1935?

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Comion Challenge 2008

The rules are simple. Take your favorite “action-based” comic book super hero or super villain and create a fan-based representation of him, her, or it!

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