Name: Ahmad Kareem
Member: polymeddy
Location: Canada
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2015 Entry: Rogue vs Carol
Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you begin creating art? Any Schooling? How are you spending your time these days?
With an early love for video games and cartoons, I began my journey in art at the age of 4. After High School, I signed up for a five-year Applied Arts BA program, followed with a one year post grad in "3D animation and Character Design" (Graduated 2012). Besides school, I loved sketching and analyzing animation on my VHS tapes by rewinding the shots back and forth. Today, in 2015, I'm back to school in a post secondary course, "Video Game Design and Development" as I'm very interested to get into the gaming industry.
How did you come up with the idea for your entry? Was there a specific reason for the design? Any doubts along the way?
For a comic book theme, I wanted to create a fight scene with natural rivalry. The female model provided in Comicon 2016's specs was my favorite. Aside from making one character solid green, and the other blue, I figured I could add some distinguishing mesh pieces to make each a little more unique. Rogue and Mrs Marvel came to mind, but instead of copying a fight scene from comics, I created my own storyboard. For the most part, I thought of poses I really wanted to see. I then sketched them out, eliminated the weaker ones, and arranged the stronger ones into a proper storyline.

Why did you enter Comicon Challenge 2015?
I love Comicon's entries! I've been following each Comicon Challenge for a while now, and they all inspire me to bring my own art to a new level. I usually enter the 3d character category, but I had an itch for motion this time around - probably because I was a 3D animator in a studio once upon a time.
How did you keep focused and motivated during the challenge? hid the bed? disabled facebook? said goodbye to friends? what was your secret?
Besides work, I already practiced art whenever I could, so changing my past time work into a Comicon entry was an easy switch. Comicon 2015 was an opportunity to share my work with people who are passionate about art and games, because of this, it wasn't difficult to stay motivated. The only thing that kept me away from my entry at times was crunch times at work, but my friends over there, plus family, were always supportive and encouraging. Along with posting my work online, I showed my fellow co-worked and family as well. It was fun.

It's been 1 year since your 1st place standing in comicon. Looking back, was there something that you feel that you took away from the challenge.
Definitely. I really enjoyed creating my entry for Comicon Challenge 2015 since I had a lot of creative freedom to create it. I really liked the pose-sketching approach I took and feel its worth implementing in my future career. I also made new friends on the GA board and today, I'm glad to see their daily work on my facebook feed :)
What would be your advice for aspiring artists out there? What type of training do you think would be helpful in becoming a successful artist?
"Practice x Interest" divided by "Time." It's ok not to like what you come up with, but never let that discourage you from building over it. With each stroke or pushed pixel, you only get better. If you don't feel invested or interested, then stop, and look for something you really like, and work on that. There's a wonderful buffet of art forms and forums out there. Find a personal favorite by trying each one in the early stages of your artistic journey. Favorite quotes: "Extra Credits" and "Fail faster!"

With Comicon Challenge now behind you, what are your future plans?
The gaming industry. I don't know if I'm going indie, or if I will go with a fulltime position with a major game studio. I really want to work for video games and I want to make good games that are, on release, worth revisiting year after year.

Any final thoughts? Thank yous? Motivational speeches? Evil monologues? etc.
I like to thank my co-workers at Fullmoon Studio, my family, the Comicon participants, and FredH for making this all happen! And once again, "Fail faster!"