Name: Abraão Segundo
Member: abraaosegundo
Location: Brazil
Website: Visit Website
2015 Entry: Captain Iron
Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you begin creating art? Any Schooling? How are you spending your time these days?
I started early, not with 3d, but with photography. I helped my father with his work - sometimes with Photoshop, sometimes with taking photos at social events. After I finished my university degree in advertising, I decided I needed to learn 3d because I always enjoyed going to and experiencing movies. With a goal to become a 3d creator in mind, I moved to São Paulo to study at Melies School. There, I learned a lot of basics about 3D and made my first short movie, Voltz, a final Project for School. Nowadays, I work as a freelance artist, however, I always leave time for personal studies and teaching, since I teach a class for character design.
How did you come up with the idea for your entry? Was there a specific reason for the design? Any doubts along the way?
Actually, I had many ideas. First, I wanted to create Thor + Captain America, but I had trouble visualizing an effective way to merge both characters. After several more attempts, I ended up going with two personal favs - Iron Man + Captain America.

Why did you enter comicon challenge?
Because, I always enjoy testing personal knowledge and abilities, and because I know that Comicon Challenge is a fantastic way (one of the best) competitions to showcase personal work in.
How did you keep focused and motivated during the challenge? hid the bed? disabled facebook? said goodbye to friends? what was your secret?
haha... no man, the most important tip is: create something that you 'really' like and try to do it at the best of your abilities. Of course, there are many external factors that can disrupt a production process, however, if you truly like what you are creating, you will find a way to change your life in order to make magic happen in a professional and disciplined manner. Good results will come...

It's been 1 year since your 1st place standing in comicon. Looking back, was there something that you feel that you took away from the challenge.
Yes. I learned how to speed up my work process. Comicon 2015 was not the first time I joined, it was the second, so I had an opportunity to use previous experience to create a second and better entry. In addition to developing a better work process, I also made new friends. In the end, there were many benefits acquired in participating in a competition like Comicon.
What would be your advice for aspiring artists out there? What type of training do you think would be helpful in becoming a successful artist?
My tip is: Look for a good school where student work speaks for itself. Look for great artists who give courses. Visit the area. Never take down others because success does not depend on the failure of others. Discipline and study, it is not easy, but nothing in life is. If you love what you do, you will enjoy spending each day working on what you do.

With Comicon Challenge now behind you, what are your future plans?
So, after the creation of Iron Captain, many things changed in my life. Many interviews and opportunities for work. Now, Im freelancing for Fox, Prime One, and various other advertising agencies. In the near future, I plan to move to Vancouver for work and to train in English :D My dreams is to work within a big company like ILM or Santa Monica Studios. Til the day this happens, it's work and studies :D

Any final thoughts? Thank yous? Motivational speeches? Evil monologues? etc.
Currently, I see many people star gazing at art produced by large companies and great artists rather than pick up a pencil and produce. So my advice is: Do more and want less. Great artists produce more and spend less time dreaming. Yes, it is important to dream, but it is even more important to find a way to reach those dreams.

Thank you and best wishes to all future Comicon Challenge participants!