Name: Myronyshyn Andrii
Member: MironishiN
Location: Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Email: mironishin -
Website: Visit Website
2015 Entry: Hellboy/Spawn
Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you begin creating art? Any Schooling? How are you spending your time these days?
Hi, I am known online as MironishiN. To date, I enjoy drawing and have been drawing since childhood. Both my parents are artists. As I grew up, I loved reading books and watching movies. Sometimes, I'd watch a movie at the cinema not once, but 10 times. In art school, I further learned how to draw and communicate with other artists. School - if you want to develop artistic abilities quickly, you need a cool and creative environment. At art school, I had everything I needed to learn and advance my skills.
The collapse of USSR left my parents without work. Fortunately, at the time, I was ready to start working on my own since I had prior experience with sculpture. At the brick factory, I took clay and molded it into clay ware, burned it, and gave it to shops to sell. Later, when computers became popular, everything changed. I quickly realized that this was my vocation. To date, I have 12 years work experience. I was an artist as well as an art director, but now I am a freelance artist. I enjoy working on interesting projects.
How did you come up with the idea for your entry? Was there a specific reason for the design? Any doubts along the way?
I wanted to create a complex character because "more complex" equals "more learned." During the design phase, I reasoned, Hellboy is a devil, but he is struggling with evil. Spawn's background is not the same, but it's similar. This similarity made Spawn and Hellboy an ideal match. Unfortunately, there are no good films about Spawn since people find him too horrible. For this reason, I was struck with an idea - "take a famous and beloved Hellboy and enrich the design with the coolest qualities of Spawn." It was a cool mix. It's a mix that I'd love to see in a movie one day :)

Why did you enter comicon challenge?
As a child, I always dreamed that one day I would draw comics. Unfortunately, in this country, comics are not very popular, in fact, comics are sold nowhere. Nevertheless, this did not stop me. I found 5 magazines and read them many times. I then drew the characters from each magazine numerous times. Generally, even though I was well informed about competitions, I never had time to join. This time however, after reading the topic, I loved the idea so much that I adjusted my schedule to take part in the challenge!
How did you keep focused and motivated during the challenge? hid the bed? disabled facebook? said goodbye to friends? what was your secret?
I cannot work if I do not sleep. Sleep gives me energy. Additionally, chatting with friends keeps me in a positive and productive mood. Of course, I had to give up playing video games and going for walks away from my chair. I even stopped constructing a house for 2 weeks in order to remain focused on my art.

It's been 1 year since your 1st place standing in comicon. Looking back, was there something that you feel that you took away from the challenge.
After I won Comicon 2015, I was immediately offered an interesting job. Today. I do not look back. What is done is done. There are so many interesting things and moments that you can never return to. I keep looking to the future for new challenges in life.
What would be your advice for aspiring artists out there? What type of training do you think would be helpful in becoming a successful artist?
1. The most important thing is to do what you like and to always, if possible, choose to create something that you truly enjoy. 2. Communicating with others who have similar ideas and interests is critical. You work faster if you are surrounded by similar minded people. 3. Work as much as possible, experience comes later. 4. Follow the best artists and watch movies for inspiration. 5. Never feel sorry for yourself and never be afraid to take on new, complex, and challenging tasks.

With Comicon Challenge now behind you, what are your future plans?
I continually try to develop my abilities. Right now, I am working on a new technique. Maybe next year, I will participate in Comicon Challenge again, or, join the much awaited return of Dominance War.

Any final thoughts? Thank yous? Motivational speeches? Evil monologues? etc.
I think competitions are important for artistic development. It's not just a drawing, it's a possibility to improve yourself, your work, and to serve as a role model for others. It's also an opportunity to show your vision to others and to fully realize your potential.

Thank you for an interesting competition and thank you everyone who helped and gave me advice during the comp. Good luck to everyone who is engaged in Comicon Challenge 2016. Peace!